What We Do

Every company has its unique products, team, culture, and situation. We work with each company to understand its strengths and challenges to provide custom solutions best suited to achieving its goals: traction, growth, financing, profitability.

Focusing your Strategy
Business Analysis

We believe it’s critical to understand all underlying and often unspoken hypotheses a Company is making for its business to succeed; and we work with you to determine how to validate these hypotheses quickly and efficiently.

Competitive Positioning

We work with you and your understanding of your potential competition to identify and define an aspirational market position that will be unique, meaningful, and believable.

Financial Modeling

We work with you to construct financial models based on market-based assumptions for pricing, customer on-boarding, team hiring, costs per acquisition (CPA’s) that scale effectively.  And we help you distill key metrics such as gross and operating margins and customer lifetime value (LTV).

Business Roadmap

We work with you to compile a 3 to 5 year living roadmap - the ”bible” to guide the development of the business

Developing the Product Customers Need
Product / Service

What products and services will you be offering? Why will you be offering them?  How long will it take to get them to market?  We help you articulate this.

Prototype Design & Testing

Often, startups rush from idea to expensive development, much of which goes to waste when new customer insights emerge. We can help you rapidly and cost effectively prototype your product or service to ensure you are developing the product that customers really want.

UX Design & Testing

User experiences can often be the make or break for a fledgling product or service offering.  We have significant experience translating customer needs into experience workflows that are simple, intuitive, and compelling.

MVP Development

We work with you to test value propositions with potential customers to arrive at the minimal set of features and functions that will ensure you’re going to market with a product or service that’s a “need to have,” vs. a “nice to have.”

Putting your Best Foot Forward to Investors
Business Plan

We work with you to craft an investor-ready business plan that presents your company’s story from vision through to execution, but which allows for sufficient flexibility so as to incorporate all of new information that you will receive as you go to market.

Pitch Materials

We help you craft a tight 1-2 page executive summary as well as a 10 to 20 slide investor pitch deck that distills the essence of your company’s unique story in a compelling way.

Data Management

We help you compile and upload all of the materials an investor will need to see and ensure that versioning is adhered to so that you can know what you’ve sent to whom and when you sent it

Pitch Support

We know what investors want to know about your business and how best to convey that to them.  We work with you to develop a script and help you practice pitching before the big day arrives.

Optimizing Operations
Financial Management

We help you think through setting up your financial systems and chart of accounts not just for bookkeeping, audit, and tax purposes, but also so you can understand the key drivers of your business as it develops.

Human Capital

Who do you need on the team?  When do you need them?  How much should you pay them?  Should they be full-time?  Employee or contractor?  We help you think through your team build and on-boarding schedule

Corporate Governance

We help you ensure that you have put in place all appropriate legal and governance programs without going overboard and spending needlessly on services that may be better suited to when the company is larger.

Operations Workflow

We help you identify and deploy low cost workflow and CRM systems to reduce complexity and ensure that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.