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Terrifically Rewarding and Painfully Frustrating

That's what starting a digital business can be like.

We are Venture Ops and we know how rewarding it can be to turn an idea that’s been bouncing around your mind into something real and tangible. We also know how difficult, infuriating, and challenging the start-up process can be, particularly when time and money are most critical. That’s because we’ve been involved with over a hundred start-ups either as entrepreneurs, management, investors, board members, or advisors.

We’ve seen some great successes. And tragic failures. And frankly, we’ve learned a lot more from the failures than from the successes. From these experiences we’ve developed a keen sense of pattern recognition to know what works and what doesn’t.

Most importantly, we know that there’s a special “language” to start-ups that can require a good deal of translation for the uninitiated on matters such as:

What an early-stage company needs to do to get moving and what’s likely superfluous and resource draining
How to build and iteratively test a product concept fully before spending precious money on expensive engineering and marketing
How financial metrics that are developed from the ground up (vs. top down) with heavily researched assumptions will be far more meaningful to the company and attractive to prospective investors
What specifically an investor needs to know about the company and how best to present your story and vision to them

In short, we know how to accelerate a nascent business to give your concept the highest chance of success by conserving the two resources you need to cherish most: time and money.

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